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“Leadership and Learning are indispensible to each other.”    John F. Kennedy

We design and deliver customized programs to grow and develop your leaders—wherever they are in the knowledge and experience continuum. We listen, assess and recommend the greatest value-add initiative that will achieve the results you are searching for. All this is based on years of research, practical application and proven success in accelerating leader performance.

You will be amazed at the difference our belief in Positive Psychology will make in the results your leaders will see!


Customized workshops to help your leaders grow!

We work with you to choose the best delivery approach:

  • In-person facilitation/seminars/workshops
  • Webinars
  • Self-study; Action Learning
  • Keynote speaking
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Intensive boot camps for accelerated learning

Customized Leadership Programs

Peak Leadership Highly interactive year-long program for key leaders customized to align with your specific learning needs. Sample topics might include: Understanding Self and Others; Managing Conflict; Leading Change; Influencing, Networking and many others. Powerful, lasting resulting for your most influential leaders.
Leadership 101(Frontline) Wondering how to be a better leader?  Welcome to Frontline Leadership! How do new leaders quickly make the transition from individual contributor to leader? Jump-start the transition into management and leadership.You will leave with a clear picture of how your role will change and how to implement tools/skills to effectively lead others to achieve challenging goals.
Interpersonal Communication: The Essentials Searching for how to improve relationships?  Learn the secrets of the best communicators:

  • Speaking, Listening, Feedback and Empathy
  • Clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas
  • Provide the right amount of information on a consistent and ongoing basis.

You will leave with a personalized action plan to put to work immediately.

Team Building for High Performance How do you turn an ordinary work group into a high-performing team? Leaders who master the formula for building and sustaining an effective team are poised to achieve greater results. Leave with tools to assess the effectiveness of your team. You will be ready to apply techniques to improve the performance of your team the very next day at work.
The Art of Listening
Need to learn how to be a better listener?  Organizations pay a tremendous price for poor listening skills. Adults are only 25% effective in their listening skills—75% of incoming information is ignored, misunderstood or quickly forgotten. Improve your concentration, overcome distractions, avoid poor listening mistakes, and apply our “Stop, look, listen” technique with ease. You’ll be amazed at the results.
Conflict Resolution What is conflict? What’s the best approach to handle problems with people?  Is conflict always destructive or can it work to your advantage? Learn how to resolve conflict using just the right strategy for the specific conflict you are facing. Skillfully plan your approach to any situation where two or more people have conflicting goals.
Mentoring:  Best Practices This program has two parts:  How to be a Mentor; How to be a MenteeLeaders will learn about their role as Mentor.  “Mentees” will understand what it takes to make the process work from their role. Whether your organization is just beginning a Mentoring program or has one in place—we will help you raise the bar on engagement, productivity and accelerate employee growth and development.
Making Better Decisions Leaders face tough decisions daily—large and small. This program provides a proven process for taking an important decision and breaking it down into practical, manageable steps grounded in the ultimate task–execution.
Problem Solving in 2017 and Beyond What do you do when you or your team is faced with an obstacle that gets in the way of achieving results? Learn the 7-step process for taking any problem and figuring out how to solve it for lasting results. For each step you will learn techniques that will guide you and your team through the specifics of your given situation.
Change Management Struggling with leading others through change?  Change can be overwhelming. This program explores the nature of change, the critical steps for moving through change and how to survive and thrive during non-stop change. Learn practical steps to lead your team through change with more confidence. You will leave the session knowing how to embrace and navigate change successfully.  Two versions are available:  Leading Through Change (Leaders) and Surviving Change (Individuals and Teams).
Influencing Without Authority Constantly facing the challenge of how to influence without authority?  A key to success in any organization is the ability to positively influence others. This program helps you understand the influence process, how to tap into various sources of power and how to create a plan well ahead of time to achieve buy-in and commitment from those needed to support and help achieve key business challenges.
Advanced Behavioral Interviewing Leaders who attract and select the best talent the first time can get on with the important role of leading their teams to success. This course equips you with the vital skills to get beyond the interview façade and find the best match for your open position. All leaders should know these important, advanced interviewing skills and techniques.
Excellence in Presentation Skills Is it true that the #1 fear in America is public speaking? Many leaders would agree. Polish your presentation skills—whether speaking to a Board, your team, customers or key stakeholders. You will reduce your fear of speaking, boost your confidence and leave with skills that will make a noticeable difference in your presentations.  Learn from the expert–you are guaranteed to significantly improve your skills.
Creativity and Innovation Learn how to unleash individual and team creativity. Discover why people begin to lose this precious asset as early as five years of age. See problems from a new perspective. Encourage and reward creative thinking and innovation in your teams. Discover the amazing success stories from leaders who embrace creativity and innovation.
Managing Multiple Priorities Are you overwhelmed? Too much to do in too little time? Streamline your life with easy-to-use tools and strategies that will help you de-clutter your workday, your workspace and your mind. Learn to be more productive, less stressed and enjoy a new sense of organization.

Each of these programs can be customized to your organization’s specific needs to create lasting value, long after participants have finished the program.

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