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In 2011 I was promoted to an executive level position responsible for leading 250 people, framing departmental focus areas and contributing to the corporate strategy.  My firm enlisted Kathy, because she had successfully coached executives with our firm before, for a 6 month engagement to help me develop my leadership skills.  Kathy and I embarked on a multifaceted journey focused on enhancing my self-awareness of strengths and areas to improve.  After working to identify my specific areas of focus, Kathy led me through an extensive process that yielded a comprehensive plan for development.  This included utilizing my peers, clients and boss as part of my plan for success.

Since my work with Kathy, I have become influential across the organization, have received feedback from people that work for me that I am viewed as their advocate, strengthened peer relationships, and built a strong team around me that offsets my areas of weakness and enhances my areas of strength.  I believe that my time with Kathy shaped and accentuated who I am as a leader today.

Lori Taylor, Vice President at OppenheimerFunds Services
Kathy’s work as a consultant has been so successful that as I have moved from several organizations, I have always brought her in to assist the Executive and management teams in cultural and change management. Kathy is a thoughtful and strategic thinker who works to solve problems while proactively positioning for future organizational performance. Kathy clearly understands the “clash of executive titans” and the dance of not stepping on toes while inspiring others towards the cultural shifted needed in these hard economic times.

Ann Bollone, MBA, SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources at Northern Arizona Healthcare
It has been a pleasure to work with Kathy over the past several months. Her approach to executive coaching is programatic and results-driven. I appreciate the balance of quantitative and qualitative feedback process. She is a great listener and a true partner in my professional and personal development. I highly recommend her as an executive coach.

Linda Bernier, SVP Enterprise Strategy & Communications at The TriZetto Group
I have had the privilege of witnessing Kathy in action! She has the natural ability to create instant credibility, rapport and trust with her clients. She possesses a tremendous wealth of knowledge, education and experience to draw from and seems to effortlessly help her clients identify what is holding them back and then help them create do-able action plans that before the "Kathy experience" seemed impossible! She is amazing and I look forward to working with her again.

Susan Boras, Corporate Leadership Coach, Trainer and Author
Kathy is passionate about her business and has the results to prove it. As her self-proclaimed protégé, I have watched and learned as she inspired others striving to be leader they were destined to become. Her ability to connect with others is second to none. I highly recommend this very talented lady if you are looking for a highly experienced coach.

Shawna Gauger, Capri Discount Flooring
Kathy is one of those rare business leaders with deep and broad knowledge combined with a totally authentic, warm personality. She is one of my most valued colleagues, friends, and an excellent project leader. Her listening skills are amongst the most refined of anyone I know which allows her understand with great clarity the needs of her clients, as well as the issues that her friends may be managing. My highest recommendation.

Kelly Kinnebrew, Senior Faculty at Center for Creative Leadership
Kathy is an outstanding professional and a superior consultant! I've known Kathy for over 24 years and have worked with her, both as a colleague and then her manager, for over 15 years. She is focused, insightful, results-driven and builds trusted partner relationships with clients and colleagues.

Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier, D.Mgt., Partner at The Clarion Group
Having worked with Kathy for going on 4 years, I enthusiastically recommend her as a kind, capable, and professional coach and consultant. In addition to her requisite expertise in the areas of leadership and organizational development, Kathy has a simply unrivaled sense of kindness in the way she approaches her work. She has the ability to be both observant and highly empathetic at the same time; in other words, Kathy can see “the truth” in people, but also talk with them in a way that they are able to hear and accept it. I have seen Kathy utilize these strengths often and with great success for leaders and organizations. For any leader in need of a compassionate truth teller, there are few people I would recommend more enthusiastically than Kathy.

Dr. Tasha Eurich, Leadership Expert, Author of Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom-Line Results and the Power to Deliver Both
I have known Kathy for many years and I have always found her be very insightful and superb listener. Her deep OD background coupled with her vast business experience gives her a unique perspective that lends itself well to all levels in an organization. She is easy to work with and invariably delivers a high quality product. To say she is brilliant with a personality to match is not a stretch. Kathy will always give you a straight answer.

Jeff Bell, Senior Vice Presindent at OI Partners, Inc.