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Discovery understanding your business need. We work together to make this all about you–we make progress from day one!

  • Exploring your background–what got you where you are today?
  • Identifying your greatest strengths, weaknesses, values, aspirations
  • We discuss your initial goals for the coaching along with your sponsor’s goals for your coaching (if applicable)
  • We review expectations, ground rules, and roles of both the coach and leader (coachee)
  • We establish a schedule for coaching meetings

Man and woman consultingAlignment means that the coaching engagement is aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives. We ensure key stakeholders are involved in the process upfront and at key points throughout the process.

Assessment includes selecting assessments to pave the way for a practical development plan.  We choose from only the best, highly valid and reliable assessments to match your needs. We often utilize the best 360 assessment available (confidential) and conduct verbal interviews with your key stakeholders.  We interpret all the assessment results and hold feedback sessions for you to get an honest picture of the real you–how you are perceived by yourself and others.

Development is where the real work begins.  We will help you create the best development plan you have ever created.  It will include your top three areas for action.  This plan becomes the focal point for the remainder of the coaching process.  Each session with then be focused on helping you achieve your most important goals, overcome obstacles and make progress each and every session.

Closure allows you and your sponsor (along with your coach) to create an ongoing plan to continue the progress made during the coaching engagement long after the coach and leader have successfully completed the process.

  • Access allows you to reach out to your coach between regularly scheduled meetings.  You are encouraged to call or email your coach as unexpected needs or questions arise.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed and never compromised!  You are assured that nothing you disclose to your coach will ever be revealed to anyone inside or outside your organization.

What Are the Fees?

Coaching fees are carefully calculated on a case by case basis.  Every coaching engagement is unique; we take great care in selecting the best assessments for you and tailoring your engagement to fit your needs.  Fees vary depending on:

  • Level in the organization
  • Whether phone or in person or combination of both
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Assessments included

Research has proven that six months is considered the standard for lasting behavior change . . . twelve months is considered ideal for executive and C-Suite levels.

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