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The Resilient Leader

"Survival skills" is a topic that isn't taught in leadership courses. Instead, many high-performers get thrown into the jungle of high- pressure, results-driven organizational landscapes. They push themselves to the outer limits without taking time for recovery. Having stamina is critical in today's demanding world of work. Being resilient is about bouncing back during times [...]


Celebrating 30 Years! My Top 10 Lessons Learned…

Where has the time gone? In many ways it seems like yesterday that I was a young whipper-snapper beginning my career at Boeing (St. Louis, MO 1985). In the blink of an eye, here I am writing this newsletter about celebrating my 30th year in Leadership Development/Organization Development. I humbly share my top 10 lessons [...]


The Awful Boss Series: The Ego Maniac

What's worse than working with someone who believes he (or she) rules the world? The only thing that's worse than working with someone like this is working forsomeone like this. I began this "Awful Boss" series late last year with The Snake in the Grass type of awful boss. Most people plan an exit strategy quickly when they report to [...]


Creativity at Work: Dead or Alive?

  How Creative Are You? Why do so many people say they're not creative? How about you? How creative are you at work? Studies on creativity show that almost everyone starts out highly creative as a kid. The Speakers' Sourcebook explains that people at different ages were tested for creativity. The results were fascinating: Age % [...]


NFL Domestic Violence and the Workplace: What’s the Difference?

NFL Domestic Violence and the Workplace:  What’s the Difference? thumbnail

Everywhere we turn we hear more and more about domestic violence and abuse among some NFL players.  Worse yet, we hear about how the behavior has been tolerated . . . until the public outcry began changing the way this behavior is handled. While few people get physically knocked out or beaten, the emotional abuse is alive [...]


Blindspots—Might You Have One of These Five?

  How disturbing to discover that your perception of yourself is different than others’ perceptions of you!  How do you know what yours are . . . or if you have any?  Many leaders assume that all is well until they seek feedback from those closest to them at work.   Executive coaching offers a [...]