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Corporate Executive

“Kathy, Thank you! Thanks to your help, I rocked it! The audience actually applauded at the end! I couldn’t have done it without you!”
— Betsy A., Insurance Industry

Whether preparing for your first or 100th presentation, knowing how to prepare, develop and deliver a great speech will help you move ahead in your career.

Imagine when speaking to a group, your presentation is crystal clear and inspiring. People in your audience are highly engaged and hanging on every word you say.

With practice and preparation . . . you can make this happen!



What Types of Presentations Do You Give?

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  • Sales presentations
  • Training programs
  • Changes about to be launched
  • Announcements
  • Conference presentations
  • Board presentations
  • Conference presentations
  • Television and radio interviews
  • Impromptu presentations

How We Can Help

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Presentation Skills Self-Study Program (Click link for details)

You can start today with this complete 8-module, self-study program. Learn at your own pace. This is a truly affordable learning experience!

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Presentation Skills Coaching (One on One)

We work extensively with busy leaders in organizations to plan, prepare, develop and deliver the best presentation possible.  We work with you onsite or virtually–we are highly flexible.  We coach you in your preparation, practice and polishing your speech until it’s crystal clear and inspiring.

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Polish Your Presentation Skills (Two Day Workshop)

This proven workshop have participants raving!  It is designed to give you the complete set of skills and tools to boost your confidence and create your next best presentation.  This is available, as is, or can be customized to your organization’s needs.

  • Learn the secrets of the greatest speakers
  • Prepare your next presentation with a fool-proof template
  • Hit the mark with your next audience–send them away wanting more!
  • Identify and achieve your speaking goals
  • Create a memorable opening, body and close for your presentation
  • Master the art of handling questions
  • Create cool visual aids that highly enhance (not bore) your audience
  • Receive professional, constructive critiques on your practice presentations in class–video-taped for your reference

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Web Training

We have a series short, engaging webinars and video on demand to allow you to gain knowledge and skills from right where you are.  No matter where you or your employees are located, you can learn and grow with the costs of travel and lodging expenses.

Help Me 911!

Are you working on a big presentation and don’t know where to begin?  Are you close to a big presentation deadline and don’t feel ready?

We can help ease the fear, take off the rough edges and give you quick tips and suggestions to transform your presentation to make it memorable!

Call us; we can help with this emergency situations either virtually or in person.