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Coaching accelerates growth in leaders at all levels!

Coaching accelerates growth in leaders at all levels!

Coaching is a supportive relationship between a professionally trained coach and leader.  It focuses on future possibilities rather than mistakes of the past.  We partner with you (the leader) in a thought-provoking, proven process that will inspire you to reach your personal and professional potential.  We work together as a trusted partnership, helping you increase your self-awareness, identify your greatest strengths and also your biggest blind spots–those areas that could potentially derail your success.  We guarantee results!

Our leadership coaching helps you:

  • Define your vision and prioritize your goals
  • Get results!  You learn to creatively explore solutions to your problems, obstacles and challenges
  • Accelerate your growth and development
  • Accept and act on honest and valuable feedback
  • Get and stay motivated, stay on track and stretch beyond your comfort zone
  • Set targeted goals for maximum success
  • Be a better leader

Coaching cultivates possibility! When nourished, leaders become role models and problem solvers who reflect the culture and move the organization forward.

Why Invest in Coaching?

It’s simple: Return on Investment. Experts agree that the return can be up to six-times the initial investment when coaching is aligned to the business strategy. You include key stakeholders who support the process and make sure coaching is grounded in the best, valid assessments, sound development planning, and execution. Everyone wins . . . you (the leader), your team, your organization and ultimately your customers.

In 2011 I was promoted to an executive level position responsible for leading 250 people, framing departmental focus areas and contributing to the corporate strategy.  My firm enlisted Kathy, because she had successfully coached executives with our firm before, for a 6 month engagement to help me develop my leadership skills.  Kathy and I embarked on a multifaceted journey focused on enhancing my self-awareness of strengths and areas to improve.  After working to identify my specific areas of focus, Kathy led me through an extensive process that yielded a comprehensive plan for development.  This included utilizing my peers, clients and boss as part of my plan for success. 
Since my work with Kathy, I have become influential across the organization, have received feedback from people that work for me that I am viewed as their advocate, strengthened peer relationships, and built a strong team around me that offsets my areas of weakness and enhances my areas of strength.  I believe that my time with Kathy shaped and accentuated who I am as a leader today.   (Lori T, Financial Industry)


What Types of Leaders Do You Coach?

We work with leaders at all levels:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Senior leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • High Potential Leaders
  • Leaders in a New Role (Assimilating into a new organization or different part of current organization)
  • Individual Contributors
  • Teams–we often work with entire teams to ensure each team member received personalized coaching as well as the team is aligned to meet its goals